Wednesday, March 2, 2011

early morning start

well it's 5:00 am, drinking coffee, and getting my hair done...
  yep, that's what i said .."getting my hair done"
you see i have the sweetest, most understanding hair dresser in the world.
             she works well with my schedule.
                        maybe you could meet her sometime :D

as all of you know, my sweet katiebeth is getting married on Saturday..
[that is why i am up at 5 am "getting my hair done"- gotta get alot done]
       we love her future in-laws,  we really do!
but, her future father in law might be a redneck?
          what do you think?....
"whatz up with the toilet paper  back there?"
yep... that's DUCK TAPE!
if you remember this post "another special day"   i mentioned the bachelor party consisted of "shooting guns"...scottie forgot his earplugs
 so he made his own, now, don't be jealous
 YOU too can have a pair of them, simply complete the order form below.

Name : ________________
(if you are a true redneck you will be proud to state your name)

Male :______    Female:________

Size of left ear:     small    medium   large   xtra large   pointed   long and floppy
(circle all that apply)
Size of right ear:   small  medium  large    xtra large   pointed   long and floppy
(circle all that apply)

Available colors:    blue (of course , see photo)
                                 camo   gray   white   zebra print   pink tye dye   red

Cost:   Priceless

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