Saturday, July 30, 2011 fun

What a great time we had tonight while " the guys"
Were at an NRA event

Nothing beats a pedicure after a hard week of workin' out
... Aint that right girls?

Michelle and Deah

(Sorry I haven't figured out how to rotate my pictures on my IPad yet)???

Who is really enjoying ...all the pampering ...
I think the nail technician is enjoying too!

We then went to for a nice steak....
I took pictures , but they didn't turn out..
But I am sure you can check out ...
The wonderful world of "Faceb?@k" ...
I am sure one of them will have some "nice" pictures on there.

And some more fun...
I made these today


Black w/ Kelly green

Kelly green w/ yellow

Army greens/ red and yellow

Black w/ gray

Cool flower pins...
Aren't they cute!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet surprise

Today I was blessed with this beautiful gift

The most unique flower vase, and a LARGE bunch of daisies

It looks so good on my kitchen counter!

This gift was from my best friend Deidre...
Who is truly a gift herself... Everything you could ask for in a friend

I love you Deidre...thanks for making my day

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where I have been...

Playing this....

I am hooked on ANgry BirDs

I am not all that good at it ,but I sure love playing!
But I thought in would break away long enough to tell you guys something really funny..

I am a very heavy sleeper...
So nothing ever wakes me up...
But last night ...
I heard this really weird noise ...
It scared me half to death
So I said (quite loudly)...
"Dale...what is that noise?"
( he was sound asleep)...sits up and says:" WHAT?".. " WHAT noise?"
me: "that noise...don't you hear it?"
dale: " I don't hear anything"... "I'll go look"

So he gets his GUN and walks through the house, upstairs and down
And oddly enough I didn't hear the noise anymore

We get back to sleep and with in minutes...

So I just laid there..thinking ...wondering.. What in the world It was.
It was so close...

I rolled over... And rolled right into the NOISE

It was this little thing SNORING

Oh my goodness... That cracks me up...

NOw back to ANgry BirDs....

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Missin' you!

I just have to say....
I am missin' this guy ...

He is always doing something "crazy" make me laugh...
He is an inspiration to me...
He has a heart of compassion.
He is never quick to be judgmental
He always says something positive about others....and life situations

He's my son....and he is wonderful!
I love you Matt!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord...." Psalms 37:23a

She's so lovable

I think she has a new friend ...

This is Hershey...we are keeping HIM while his family is on vacation..
Now the reason why I typed "HIM" in uppercase is because I usually say "HER".. I have the hardest time with that.

Anyway.... We have kept him before, and I really thought he was miserable the entire time he was here..but this time he seems to like it
And Karlie really likes it.

This is another friend of Karlie's

She LOVES Scottie...or maybe she just love to give him kisses

Then there is her best friend...Josie

She loves ..loves Josie

She is so much fun....
I don't know what we we do without her.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

love it

I love it!
I saw this one day last week...

...I didn't get it
So as usual I wished I had ....

I loved what it says, it was a great price ..and was 25% off.

After a few days ..I sent Dale back to get it..

He comes home with the sad news that it was GONE!
            I knew it!!!!

When will I EVER  Learn?

You have to know it is clearly "Gods Will" when it is a
            "one - of - a kind" find


Well, we went back .. again..
And it was there!!!


So I ask my sweet husband ..
"are you sure you looked the other day when I sent you to get it?"
"Yes... I promise" he says
Is this a lying face to you?

isn't this a sweet  "i promise" face?
He says no..
So I believe him,

But it was truly God's will that i have it -
'cause there it was!
    and still on sale

I love it. :D

one more thing
I am Blogging using my IPad...Pictures and all!
Thanks for the info. Deidre

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"instant human"

This morning was almost a disaster!
When I woke up..
Dale said..uhmm

I can't get the coffee pot to work!
IMMEDIATELY...I said " well you HAVE to do something...
I have to have coffee

You just have to know ..I need about 2-3 cups EVERY-morning
I'm telling you ... It's not just me that needs it...YOU would want me to have it tooooooooo...

I really don't think Jesus wants me to even talk to him without having at least my first cup...
....can you say ADDICTION?

So we had to borrow one from the church...( it's my only neighbor...)
Then of course we had to buy a new one this afternoon.

I am just now running a test on it...gotta make sure it is ready for the morning!
Mmmmmmm.. Can't wait :D

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Friday, July 8, 2011

nap time

ok... i have been instructed by my sweet, intelligent son
 that  i can not upload pictures to my blog from my Ipad...
so back to my netbook [which i still LOVE]!

now you can see my beautiful flowers that my wonderful husband sent me

and this cute picture
of "ellie" and "karlie" waiting for "squirrely" to make her daily visit.
this picture also is special because
 they are standing beside each other with no angry gestures..

then there is this one that was sweet...
"ellie" on one side and "karlie" on the other
taking a nap with dale
[they both love him... which creates a REAL problem]...whew sweet...
 looks like someone else is taking a nap
     sounds like a good idea... think i will do that myself

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun week

Ok... I haven't posted In a while..
Because I have been trying very hard to get used to using this new IPad.

Things are a little different on this thing... I really love's just that I am having a hard time getting pictures downloaded and such.


A week in review....

Dale and I celebrated our 30 year of "bliss"...ok maybe not "bliss"...
But it has been 30 years of Blessings.

God has been so been so good to us!
I love you Dale.. YOU ArE THE BEST!


KatieBeth and Jordyn ...home for July 4th
Cookouts...and... fireworks

Great times...
Just missing our Nashville guy.... Who celebrated there in Nashville!

I have many pictures to share- I just don't know how to post them using my Ipad ..
Anyone have any helpful hints?