Monday, January 31, 2011

"showers of blessings"

well katiebeth and jordy had their first shower on saturday!
can i just say i was AMAZED!
just look...

she got lots of items to cook with.. kinda funny "she knowth not how to cooketh"... and YES i have tried to teach what little i know.. but i really dont "measure" i kinda guess, and she don't do to well with that.
.. there will be interesting days ahead

the food table was so pretty..AND GOOD.(thanks judy and brenda)

although i dont have alot of pictures of the other decorations, the fellowship building was very pretty as well thanks michelle, deidre,yvonne, and liz
God is so good .. excited about the days ahead!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ebay, i think i need you ...

... does anyone have a plastic bubble for sale?
i think this is what i need to purchase to LIVE in!

results from all the allergy test are in; and i am a mess!
 i am allergic to everything, and every season.. well except winter, but in the winter you are indoors more, which means i am around dust/dust mites more.
 Dust is like one of my TOP allergies, therefore winter is not good for me either.

so now i am on two allergy meds., and two shots a week; Yes TWO!
i don't like needles!

ok.. now to the exercise program
we had the biggest loser weigh in!

i am so proud.. i lost 7 lbs.
(i know ..i know the first week is mostly fluids...i am drinking lots of water)   :D
...but don't burst my bubble .. just pray that i keep it up!
maybe i can flush all the allergies out ..LOL

Sunday, January 23, 2011


i am trying to do a daily routine of exercise

since i do better with the whole accountability issue i wanted to either "join" a program or "have a partner".

 a year or so ago i tried the running thing with my best friend deidre..
 i made until i ran... my first and last 5k..  ( i thought i was gonna DIE)
now, don't get me wrong i enjoyed running , but my shins NEVER did, not to mention the fact that  i just wasn't quiet ready for that type of undertaking.

so... as i searched this time on what to do... my sweet husband says.. instead of going somewhere to class why don't you do a program you can do at home.
so i checked out this

it is really cool.. you have your own personal trainer right in your den
[ mine is B*b.. he is so sweet and encouraging]

so B*b and i have been together everyday this week, drinking lots of water.. and watching foods that i eat.
i really have done good ..
well until yesterday

deidre brought this was for "Dale" .. but it is one of my favorite things!

Chocolate Chess Pie
thanks deidre... but don't bring another one!.. ( it is sooooooooo good ya'll)
and i just pray that i have drank enough water to "flush" it all out!.. :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

full speed ahead!

do you remember right before i left for vacation
 i told you that katiebeth and jordyn had set their wedding date?
just to clarify that statement, when they got engaged in August...
March 5, 2011 was the date they wanted but when you are in the military you kinda have to wait to get the approval sent down to you.

 So.. they had to wait..they kinda knew that it wouldn't be until the end of the year before they were granted the approval, and before setting the date officially.

so.. here we are
even if they didn't have the approval yet .. i got started on plans right away.. and i am SO glad i did!

we began drawing out everything
what she wanted the rehearsal dinner to look like
what she wanted the church to look like
.. the reception
making TO DO list

now i know you may think that is crazy, but i have to do that in order to have a visual...  get it all in my head, and then i  know what i needed to start doing.

i have got lots of stuff done, but there are some things you just can't do until closer to the date, AND WE ARE THERE.

i can't began to tell you how blessed i am to have jordon's mom to help me...

we had said from the beginning that we wanted to do as much as we could together!.. and we have !  i love you michelle! God is so good!

i have lots of pictures that i would love to show you
... but i can't do that just yet        :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

time to share

as i mentioned in the last post ..
 it was vacation time for us.. now it is time to share

..."this is the best seat in the house to sit back and just view the photos"

i love this picture, even if my eyes are closed.. Sun was really bright and of course i was laughing.. but we were having fun!

michelle and scottie..i love this picture of them
michelle ..maybe i should have worn my sunglasses... :D

St. Thomas

another picture of St. Thomas

yes.. St. Thomas ..again BUT can you see the rainbow?
it was so beautiful .. like it was laying on the side of the mountain

St. Thomas.. can you tell this is one of my favorite places?

St. John

Trunk Bay on St. John

Puerto Rico

pizza at Purilos(little Italian restaurant in San Juan).
.. can i just say it was THE BEST pizza i have ever had!

Now take a close look at what scottie has in his hand...

 ...yeap.. you guessed it a "vera bradley" zip wallet..
don't he look sweet carrying it.. vera would be so proud.. LOL

San Juan

last but not least ... our little karlie giving dale kisses when we got home
she is so sweet!

we had a wonderful time.. but there is no place like home

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

vacation time whoo-ho!

we leave for a nice vacation today!
   .. and boy do i need it!
i know .. i know  you do too!

 i   WE are very excited ...

hopefully i will have pictures to post when we get back!

oh!.. and in case you are still wondering ..

 KatieBeth and Jordyn have offically set their "Wedding Date"
                       March 5, 2011
do you realize that is in 57 days.. wheewwww .. i am going to go ahead a plan another VACATION!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

hAppY nEw YeaR... where did 2010 go?

wow!... can you believe the year 2010 is over?

this year has gone by so fast..
so has this week!

it was a bitter sweet time...

Matthew headed back to Nashville
(we hate so see him go, but he was looking forward to his upcoming week with lots of exciting events, and looking to the Lord for guidance and direction)
...please keep him in your prayers

and Jordyn headed back to Georgia.. he is still serving our great country, stationed a Robbins Air Force Base.
...please keep him in your prayers as well

so ....
we had to work in one more family card game  :D the "hoodie"
since one of us had to "sit-out".. I decided to just hold our little cutie for a while

i just love this picture of karlie sleeping.
even if my hair is a hideous mess...LOL

i had a goal to start the new year with some much needed changes.
 i have been looking for a new exercise program..
one that would keep my interest ..uhm

i went on-line searching and found a program that sounded like fun.
so i headed to the gym, ready to start this new year off on the right foot..
and ready for the challenge!
...they were CLOSED! (that wasn't mentioned on the website)

so i will try again next week..

one other challenge.. scripture memorization..

mmmm ...not very good with the ole' memory thing so i need your prayers!
myself along with countless other women are participating in the challenge of memorizing 24 Bible verses this year.
 (see LPM blog if you would like to participate, read Dec. 26 post as well as today's for more info)

i made my own little spiral to keep my verses in...

not the best photo.. sorry
hopefully having this close will help with the memorization..

this is my first one....
Ephesians 3:20
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

i love this verse ..  Priscilla Shirer really brought it to life at our last Bible study..
God is Able!