Monday, October 31, 2011

...just for fun!

i am not much on "halloween"... [i don't do scar-y stuff]

but i love FUN stuff
that's why i did this...
 ENJOY a GOOD laugh     :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love this time of year,
The colors, the smells, and a time to just sit and list things you are thankful for
"life's little blessings"...

I am sure we all are thankful for that God has done and is doing in our lives,
But it puts a whole different "spin" on things when you actually start to list those blessings...
We take so much for granted..
We all have alot going on in our day, and we fail to realize how blessed we are
(.... All those little things we enjoy, no matter how big or small, they are blessings!)

Every year our family has done a "What are You Thankful for " for the month of November...
But this year Dale and I are wording it a little different ..
This is what we are doing this year.... "BLESSINGS OF THE DAY"

We just went ahead and started our list...even though it isn't quite November.

So what about you?
Are you Blessed
Wanna join us?
If so, then you will write down at least one blessing you enjoyed that day for the month of November...

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall fun

The last couple of weeks we have the opportunity to spend some
FUN time with several of our wonderful friends...

This is us at the South Caldwell Football game....
( nope not my home school ..but we went to watch Isaiah play,
which by the way, he did very well)
Here are we are....
This photo looks really good when I took my contacts out!...ha
I'm so blind...

Here it is with contacts..only thing my mouth is WIDE open
Now I know you are saying.... "it always is"...
That's why I have the next picture...
Seeeeee... I don't ALWAYS..

Then we headed up the mountain to see the beautiful leaves...

Yep we took our girls....

Climbed Craggy Garden...just for Scottie

Then up to see the Elk
And Wild Turkeys...
Now you have to know that the road up there is
VERY...VERY narrow...and CURVEY
.. I don't like heights, or narrow curvy roads
So it is not a pleasant time.

But I have to say this was soooo funny
I had crawled in the back to close Karlies crate..
And I got stuck...not stuck in a tight place ...
It was that every time I tried to raise myself back over the seat
..we would Go around a sharp curve and my head would hit the top of the car
And I couldn't go anywhere.
It got me so tickled I couldn't do anything buy lay there and laugh
Dale had to pull over I could get out.

Whewwww.... I laughed so hard ..I almost "lost it"
Oh... And the folks that were around ...
Well I think they thought
I was drunk!.... Fun-ny!

We truly serve an awesome God...
His creation is amazing!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011


If you are like me Saturday's is the only day you gave to get EVERYTHING done!

And "for me" this Saturday..really meant everything!
So here's the how it happened....
I got up very early...6:30ish
Studied some more on my S.S lesson
Left out around 10:00 to look for an outdoor rug and patio furniture
(which is hard to find in the fall)
But I wanted to get it while it was on "clearance "

After MANY stops at various stores... I found it!

Not only was it on clearance..but the set was also being discontinued!
Ha... Love that!

The kicker was that I HAD TO PUT IT TOGETHER
So.. I did..all by myself!
(now I know you are asking where's Dale?.. I know that sweet man would help you)
yep... You're right he would..but you have to know this is DEER season

Soooooooo need I say more?

Anyway here it is.. All put together it took along time.. But I did it!

Now I gotta clean house... And finalize my S.S.lesson... Busy day! But a great one.

Is it beautiful..(just have to be careful when you sit down... Ha! Just kiddin')

I love fall colors...

By the way.. Have you seen this yet?

GREAT movie...
You should see it!
Have a great Lord's day!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

finally .. an update

busy..  that's what I have been..
so I will let the pictures do all the talking..

Women's Retreat...
 which was so wonderful, God started so amazing work this weekend.
[i have pictures.. but i am not real sure that a "cow"."duck"."chicken"."horse" or a "pig" would be the best thing to place on here.- but it was fun!]
Thank you Deidre for your obedience!


Raleigh for a few days ....
Charlotte for a day...
    love my job!! ... and my wonderful work family... this was waiting for me when I returned to work


Work outs with these "fun" people...
[we have soooooo much fun together... they make working out easy.]
  ...not pictured is Deidre and KatieBeth who joins us every chance they get


Spending time with all my wonderful family..
  we always have a great time together.. no matter what we are doing...

karlie and ellie ready for "game day"....they have their PANTHER shirt on

enjoying "picture time"

i love this....
"great pose"
our wonderful in- laws

"more fun"

a nice family shot

Dale and I... i think he is telling me to "stop talkin'...we are taking pictures...

just relaxn'

Women's Bible Study
see... I told you I have been busy
     I am sooooooooooooooooo BLESSED!

so what have you been doing?