Saturday, April 16, 2011

time and blessings...

busy busy busy...
ya' know i really thought that after Ktb's wedding
i would have lots of TIME on my hands - NOT!

it has taken me until now to get our "storage room"
[really a junk room] - but storage sounds better organizated. ..
 do any of you guys have way to much "stuff"?


then we visited Ktb and Jt's new place
then we began working on the Easter Drama at church [which is going on this weekend]

plus work. and excercise
 then its time to go to bed and start all over again
  we need more of it ..right?

moving on...
we are so glad that Ktb and Jt was granted an extended leave along with his days off, and they were able to come in on wednesday night and hopefully get to stay until the first of next week.  we are so blessed!

we have been praying for a specfic request concerning our sweet matthew, and the Lord granted that for him this past week. God is always right on time!
   i pray that we will never be toooooo busy to give our Lord the thanks and praise HE is so worthy of

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