Tuesday, February 21, 2012


just a list of my latest fav's
    that make me smile

my new bracelet that i was surprised
with the other day
 ...honestly, i coveted my neighbors,
and she felt sorry for me and got me one
but i say .."whatever works".. [just kiddin'...kinda]

 this sign from Pin*rest that i found!
i am coveting this too..
wonder if that same sweet friend of mine
would make this for me..

my Cream Cheese Pound Cake
remember a few posts ago,when i just couldn't get it right?
i did it!
and i must say it was wonderful

my new snack foods [dehydrated veggies]
 oh, and sometimes its a meal
so, so good..and.. good for you too!

this one is my very favorite!
 this is my sweet husband and Karlie girl
they are always looking out the window, waiting for me
as i walk home from Bible Study night!
 [and no- i don't call to let them know i am coming, they just know]
   ..."i think i am missed"
isn't this the sweetest thing!

i hope you have smiles too!

1 comment:

Deidre said...

What a sweet friend!

By the way, I know the lady that paints that sign. She's the same lady that told me how to paint the names of God one that I did for my Mom. She charges A LOT for that one :) I know I could do it ... just taking the time and getting all the junk out. haha