Tuesday, March 13, 2012

still here!

it's been a while- so i have lots to share...
      ... monday memory...
just wanted to remind you that last week we had two verses in one,
therefore, we will not have another one to memorize for this week.

one of the reasons i havent posted in a while is because i had been
fighting a sinus infection - then all of my wonderful family came in

Matthew came in for a long weekend- so excited to see him...

KatieBeth and Jordyn came in for a shorter time, they came in
so that we could spend time with him before he was depolyed.
{he is now at his location- and we desire your prayers for him as well as for KatieBeth}
we know that our Heavenly Father has everything in His hands- and even
in this "hard" situation, we have been BLESSED!

we are always excited when the enitre family is home, and we have great fun!
a P90x workout- "i think that was supposed to be fun
it didnt feel fun the next day- or the next - or the next
katiebeth studying
family card tournament
katiebeth ....studying some more- yuck!
matthew playing with ellie and karlie

this past weekend we were able to go to a Casting Crown concert
not just to the concert but to Meet and Greet!
{i have a certain connection that allowed this to take place- ha!}
gettin' ready for the Meet and Greet!

katiebeth Lindsey McCaul, deidre, me

me,katiebeth, deidre, Mark Hall- Casting Crowns

katiebeth, deidre, and myself with Royal Tailor

here we are with Matthew West

Casting Crowns, Lindsay McCaul, Matthew West, and Royal Tailor

Casting Crowns

fun times! - have a great week

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