Monday, April 9, 2012

let's ride...

for a while now my friend Deidre has talked about riding the
Virginia Creeper bike trail

i have to say, i was excited- but at the same time alittle hesitate-
i hadnt rode a bike in a very long time ... anywhere...
 much less 17 miles.. in the mountains.

but it was GREAT!
the scenery was so beautiful!
now- i know you are wondering if there was any little accicents..
YES.. there were, and Yes i was involved in one...
    all i am gonna say about is that-
      one of the guys in the next photo
        is a
       very sweet, very polite, young man
      i am doing fine- :D

... if you get the chance
                go will love it

1 comment:

Piper said...

Loved loved it!! I am so glad we all went....sorry about the accident! So glad you are ok! But you are the kept up with those teenagers the whole day!!!
Love ya!