Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's been a good ' 20-20' week...

How are you with completing things you start?
Honestly.. Most times I struggle
I start off with every intention of following through
But something happens along the way
Well just messes up my plans
But not this week...I have exercised everyday this week
Now to complete next week.
...uhmmm Prayers would be good right here   :D
The blind can see!
Ktb can throw away her contacts
She had LASIK surgery this week.
(a sweet surprise from her sweet hubby)

Here she is sporting her cool "post surgery" glasses
She has done well. And is seeing 20-20
Perfect!- for times like these..
That's how she gets to see Jt for now

We are glad to see that he is doing well.
He misses home, but he is safe, so ...for that we are very thankful.

We all take a turn talking and seeing him- this was Dales turn.
technology today- how wonderful

It's been a good week!

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