Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that make me smile!

My beautiful ..sweet...wonderful...amazing....loving daughter

My handsome...amazing...comical ...wonderful...loving son

...I just can't say enough good about them- they are such treasures..Dale and I so very blessed to say " they're ours"

Our Karlie girl - watching the Cars movie - shes so sweet, cute and all that stuff!
...such a joy!

My deck- peaceful

This meal- my amazing .... Wonderful... Loving husband made a very big meal on Friday night- all prepared and ready to "chow down" when I got home from work-
( didn't get all the food in the picture - wouldn't want you to think we were pigs-

My new ride!- I have been looking and wishing -and looking and wishing for a cruiser bike with gears.
My wonderful.... AMAZING.... Handsome husband surprised me with it this week
It's my anniversary present ... 31 years! - (he's one lucky man- ha)

I had to take this picture -Dale wanted you to see the chrome fenders-
(where are they??? -and who cares- right girls?)

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Katie Beth said...

How sweet! Love you, and the chrome fenders:)!