Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's ride!

If you remember my last post i shared a picture of my new bike.
Well last week I got to try it out
We set out to celebrate the 4th of July on the Virginia Creeper Trail

A 17 mile bike ride that is so beautiful ...and FUN!

...but all of a sudden I heard a strange sound coming from my NEW bike
So we had to stop for some repairs...

Dale worked on it for a while ....
we got back on and rode some more
...again a VERY unusual sound happened every time I peddled...
So when we pulled over this time
Dale discovered that the bike had not been assembled very well -
the part that connects the chain and tire, had worked loose from the bike.
I had rode 8 miles or so and we had another 8 or 9 miles to go.

So thankfully we were close to the cafe
(only one on the trail) and they were getting ready to close for the day
I walked my NEW bike there-and waited....
All by myself.. No people....nothing

Dale put his bike in turbo speed and down the mountain
saying he FLEW is an understatement
 It took him a total of 45min.
(8/9 miles on the trail ...get the truck
...ride 7-10 minutes up the mountain to rescue me!)
Needless to say I was amazed on how fast he did it all
( I think he was scared of someone snatchin' me)

As soon as we got home he returned my NEW bike got a refund-
the next day he went to a Bike Specialty shop and got me this...

It is soooo nice!
Comfort, smooth, easy..I think I could ride "cross country"
He went all out ....and I love it.
... I have put 9 miles it so far
now we are getting one for him that matches mine
Sweet. :D
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Piper said...

Kaitlyn told me about your adventure!! He must have been doing some major peddling!! You go DALE!!

We are going to have to plan another trip together and Dale come!!! I absolutely loved it!