Tuesday, August 10, 2010

one special "airman"

one thing that i haven't mentioned so far is this special guy.

he is our KatieBeth's boyfriend of 3 years.

this past July he completed his first year in the Air Force. i have to admit that when he told us that God had given him peace about going... i was some what uneasy. since none of my immediate family, and no close friends were in the military, i only could think of negative things that i had heard happened to others that chose that path.

such as... untrustworthy, arrogant, unfaithful to the Lord, etc. so i did what any "good" mother would do, and encouraged them to go their separate ways for a while...pray.. and see where the Lord leads them.

well... none of the above happened... and YES i was wrong..(imagine that).

he has remained faithful to the Lord,(which is the most important thing) he still has a sweet attitude (well except when playing cards or games... then his LOUD dad comes out in him..sorry Scottie ..NOT!) and he and KatieBeth are still together.

we have been blessed that the Lord placed him at a base not far from home,so he is able to come home quite often.

we love him, and we are so proud of him for following the Lord, while serving our country.
we love his wonderful family too... (yes even his dad, Scottie).. :)

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