Saturday, August 21, 2010

packin' up

little behind on any updates... :)
Finally we are getting ready to go on a much needed vacation.

i am very excited about being "beach bound"..

however i am not excited that matthew will not be able to join us, and that karlie will be staying with a friend. still following the Lord, having a blast while traveling around
( Virginia Pennsylvania and now in California)singing and learning management skills. he is planning on coming home in a couple of weeks.
providing his "sick car" is all better..
Please Lord, touch that thing..

karlie ... seams like another one of our children, she would love the beach and the water, but she wouldn't love the heat and the area does not allow pets. so she is going to stay on her regular schedule for the week.
we are still excited, and i will be trying to post some thru out the week.

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