Sunday, June 19, 2011

'fathers day'

father's day at our house is kinda quite ..well except for this precious one...
  can you see her?
       [ it is hard to get a good picture of her sometimes, she tends to "blend" in..]

this is dale's father's day card from  KARLIE...
this is a close up of the card
    we made it just for him!

this made him laugh!
 which is a nice change from opening cards from
Matthew, KatieBeth and Jordyn...  they all brought TEARS.. whew!

this is where i took him to celebrate

Linebergers Steak House

it was sooooooooo good

we had a great time

today my Earthly Father is sitting at the feet of my Heavenly Father!
i miss him so much, he was such a "fun" person to talk to .. he had a great sense of humour.
i am so very thankful for the long suffering of my Heavenly Father..
 there's gonna be a great reunion day someday!
     .... miss you "dad"

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Katie Beth said...

I love the card!!! It is sooo cute! I was just talking about Pop-paw to Jordyn the other day. I wish he could have met him! They would have loved each other! Miss him so much!