Sunday, June 12, 2011

i'm back

man.. where does the time go?

i didn't even realize it had been so long ...
anyway i guess i need to "fill you in" on all the happenings around here...

last week our whole family was here for the weekend...YEAH!

here is our new family portrait...

 jordyn, katiebeth, [ellie], matthew, me, dale,[karlie]

         ellie is our new "grand-dog" she is a 3mo. old "yorkie-poo"
                                    with really sharp teeth,
                  we are praying the tooth fairy comes to her house
                            BEFORE she comes back to mine :D

.... and there's more......

this is our best buddies
 [which are jordyn's parents]
[josie is karlie's best buddy]
... i am sure that "ellie" will fit right in.. again.. AFTER the tooth fairy

             we are so blessed to have our in laws as our best friends...

jordyn. katiebeth,[ellie], michelle,[josie], scottie

*uh mm ...that is matthew in the back ground...
 enjoying some of that homemade ice cream

we all had such a great time..
i had told them i would prepare every one's favorite thing for sunday lunch..
                so here was the menu....
    grilled fillets
    grilled chicken breast [for matthew]
    fried yellow squash
    fried okra [ dale makes the best]
    fruit tarts
    homemade ice cream [pineapple]

it was ssssssssssso good!
   we enjoy each other's company so much,
it is always so sad when everyone leaves to go back home.

moving on....

my new favorite thing since my last post...

frozen strawberry lemonade

this wonderful little treat is only 100 calories...
       and it is soooooooooo good...
           you need to try it!

oh..yeah still watching the weight thing,
    and yeah still going        s..l..o.. w
                only 2lbs. lighter since last post..


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