Tuesday, August 16, 2011


...anyone need more of it?

I just realized that it has been a while since I have posted anything.

We have been so busy....
This past week Ktb and Jt.. Oh ...and Ellie
(the wild -but - fun dog) were home
It is always nice to have them in,
and rarely do they get to say a whole week,
so we try to pack nightly get togethers with Jt's parents (Scottie and Michelle).

It's kinda like a circus...
We are altogether ..and our dogs
.... So needless to say it's LOUD

"road trip"
there is also a video on my "twitter" of Ellie and Karlie playing
(really cool to us..since this is a 1st for them)
When they come home Ktb always gets to work
..yes i said "gets" ..she loves her job at SCU... And we all love her being there.

Then she worked out with Michelle, Brenda ,Deah and myself a couple of nights

And on Saturday we spent the day shopping in Charlotte with Deidre and Emma.
While the guys spent time at the Hunting club ...getting ready for deer season.

as you can see in the next video ...it's been a long tiring week...

don't be to scared.. the mouth don't open all the way

Click here to watch and LISTEN! :D

But a great one
.. We are son excited for the next week they are in...
It will be Vacation time for ALL of us...
Our wonderful sweet Matthew will be joining us
I can't tell you how excited I am!


Katie Beth said...

We had a great time at home..(we always do) Its always nice to be able to spend a whole week there! Thanks again for taking care of my crazy Ellie girl! She loved being there, I think she misses NC just as much and Jordyn and I do! Can't wait for September! Love you!

Fluffy-Blonde said...

I am always so happy for you when your kids are home. As a Mother, I know how different your household is without them. And how much joy they bring when they come back. Hope you guys have a wonderful vacation when it finally gets here!