Tuesday, October 11, 2011

finally .. an update

busy..  that's what I have been..
so I will let the pictures do all the talking..

Women's Retreat...
 which was so wonderful, God started so amazing work this weekend.
[i have pictures.. but i am not real sure that a "cow"."duck"."chicken"."horse" or a "pig" would be the best thing to place on here.- but it was fun!]
Thank you Deidre for your obedience!


Raleigh for a few days ....
Charlotte for a day...
    love my job!! ... and my wonderful work family... this was waiting for me when I returned to work


Work outs with these "fun" people...
[we have soooooo much fun together... they make working out easy.]
  ...not pictured is Deidre and KatieBeth who joins us every chance they get


Spending time with all my wonderful family..
  we always have a great time together.. no matter what we are doing...

karlie and ellie ready for "game day"....they have their PANTHER shirt on

enjoying "picture time"

i love this....
"great pose"
our wonderful in- laws

"more fun"

a nice family shot

Dale and I... i think he is telling me to "stop talkin'...we are taking pictures...

just relaxn'

Women's Bible Study
see... I told you I have been busy
     I am sooooooooooooooooo BLESSED!

so what have you been doing?

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