Sunday, October 16, 2011


If you are like me Saturday's is the only day you gave to get EVERYTHING done!

And "for me" this Saturday..really meant everything!
So here's the how it happened....
I got up very early...6:30ish
Studied some more on my S.S lesson
Left out around 10:00 to look for an outdoor rug and patio furniture
(which is hard to find in the fall)
But I wanted to get it while it was on "clearance "

After MANY stops at various stores... I found it!

Not only was it on clearance..but the set was also being discontinued!
Ha... Love that!

The kicker was that I HAD TO PUT IT TOGETHER
So.. I did..all by myself!
(now I know you are asking where's Dale?.. I know that sweet man would help you)
yep... You're right he would..but you have to know this is DEER season

Soooooooo need I say more?

Anyway here it is.. All put together it took along time.. But I did it!

Now I gotta clean house... And finalize my S.S.lesson... Busy day! But a great one.

Is it beautiful..(just have to be careful when you sit down... Ha! Just kiddin')

I love fall colors...

By the way.. Have you seen this yet?

GREAT movie...
You should see it!
Have a great Lord's day!

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Deidre said...

I love it! I love all the colors. Glad you found something. Even more glad you got your deck covered. Looks like a peaceful place :)