Saturday, October 2, 2010

the BiG kill

You all knew that it is hunting season..right?...we (not) ...Dale  prepares all year for this... uhm?

and if I were the PERFECT wife I would prepare for this too.(so he says..)

Well I don't, although I am usually excited for him when he does get what he hunts for you see he hunts everything... Deer..Turkey..Bear..Duck...Hog...Elk... Dove .. basically anything that moves. (pic's below)

he usually gets what he sets out for which is pretty good if you ask me.

last year he killed a  Bear, i was very excited about that particular kill.. we are having a rug made which takes a little more than a year to complete, we cant wait to get it!

this is how this hunting season started...
he has been watching.. waiting... and praying over this one particular deer.
So one  morning last week I get this call...

Dale: hey!.. are you busy?
Me: yes, I am right now.. why?
Dale: ok.. (with shortness of breath)
Me: what's wrong?
Dale: huh?...  nothing
Me: What is wrong with you?
Dale: well.. i justa.. just .. well  Paul is coming
Me: WHAT  is wrong? WHERE are you?
Dale: I am in the woods, Paul is coming .. I need you to pray..
Me: Pray..Why.. are you hurt? what is going on..
Dale: what.. oh
Dale: well.. my deer came out, and (still breathing hard) I think my scope was off, and I.. i...i
       I need you to pray... pray that I find it.
Me: REALLY.. really?... YOU...ohmygoodness...
    don't YOU ever call me again like this.. you had me scared to death that you were hurt or something... WOW.. ok, i guess i will..
Dale: ok, well i will call you later.
Me: ok ..
would that not have scared you?
WOW... he ain't right..

 ok.. well here it is .. hours later (glad we prayed.. i think)

"THe BeAr"

skull from the bear that he killed.... isn't it pRETTy?

here are pictures of the mounts he already has... i think we need another one... don't you...hum?

i love "my hunter"... he makes me proud :D

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