Monday, October 11, 2010


saturday we discovered something you gotta try..
but before i share what we discovered.. let me first tell you of some really awesome foods you need to try also...

not often do we go to eat here...

fried macaroni and cheese balls
... but everytime we do i have to get these.. (thanks Matt for introducing them to me..i think.)

                       and now is the only time you can order this...

pumpkin cheesecake (it is a seasonal item)
BUT this was the discovery....
can you say delicious?
 "Yoforia" ... it is frozen yogurt
(lots of flavor choices, lots of toppings and lots of fresh fruit choices)
there aren't many of them around so check out the link to see the closest one and be sure to try it sometime!

what have you discovered lately..
ha.. i am posting a discovery on Colombus Day.. (gosh, i'm good)

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