Monday, November 8, 2010

God's Protection

i think sometimes we just kinda take His proctection for granted...
that is until something happens such as this...

one morning last week i had left early to run get gas, vote, then head back home to get "Karlie" before heading to work.

when i got to the gas station, i had this kinda weird feeling, maybe because it was still dark, and there was no one around..or at least i thought there was no one around..
i get out of my car 'cash' in hand .. ready to dash .. pump and go!
just as i get past my car this man comes outta no where.. walking straight toward me.. i said to him..very sternly.. "you better back away".. he continues toward me..again i said, EVEN MORE STERN.. " i'm telling you, you better back away".. he saw the anger in my eyes as well as my voice.. and ran to his vehicle.(which was parked on the side of the building).. and he got outta there in a hurry.
i was so fired up... i was ready to made me soooooooooo angry.
when i went into the store, i told the lady clerk about what happened.
i asked her if she was alone and if she had some type of protection on her.. she said she did, but that God was her protector.
we then talked about the Lord for a while, and how good He is!

i have no idea what the man wanted, and frankly wasnt gonna give him to chance to tell me!
but to see how God had His hand on the whole thing is humbling!

i know that God has protecting me in so many ways, i also know that He has protected me from things that i am not even aware of...

He is sooooooooooo awesome

 many times we take all that God does for us for granted...and it takes something like this to remind us that
 He will NEVER leave me, nor FORSAKE me
no matter how big or small the situation maybe.

Thank you Lord, for your Protection on my life

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