Sunday, November 28, 2010

week of five, six and seven

thankful for another day off of work..yee ha
 (probably will never happen again)
thankful that i didn't have anything "special" to by on the busiest shopping day of the year...
....just shopping and not "worrying" about the time.

then back home for family game time..

making "LIFE" decisions...hmmm

not liking "LIFE" .. right now

Karlie likes "LIFE"  :D

looks like Dale is liking what "LIFE" is bringing KtB....
really hoping he wins this game of "LIFE"
..(..just so you know ..he did win)

thankful that Christmas decorations are up and ..even though i didn't do as much as i normally do.. i am still glad they are up

love the Merry CHRISTmas over the nativity scene

no one here likes this tree ..but ME!
just small and simple

another small and simple one.. i like this one too..
Ktb's tree.. .. i like it
ok.. this one is really small..
my "beachy Christmas tree".. i like it :D

my house smells like Christmas...liking that too!
Karlie ... sporting one of her new Christmas sweaters cute is clean
.. oh and i redecorated my bedroom too....
I LIKE IT ALL.. that's all that matters.. right?
.. now we can rest...

as i look back over the week..
... as i look at our family "what are you thankful for " board...
i think of just how blessed we are..  it is overwhelming!
God is so so good to me!
...not even a "year of thankfulness" would cover it.

Praise the Lord for HE is good!
thank you Lord for ALL your blessings!

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