Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ebay, i think i need you ...

... does anyone have a plastic bubble for sale?
i think this is what i need to purchase to LIVE in!

results from all the allergy test are in; and i am a mess!
 i am allergic to everything, and every season.. well except winter, but in the winter you are indoors more, which means i am around dust/dust mites more.
 Dust is like one of my TOP allergies, therefore winter is not good for me either.

so now i am on two allergy meds., and two shots a week; Yes TWO!
i don't like needles!

ok.. now to the exercise program
we had the biggest loser weigh in!

i am so proud.. i lost 7 lbs.
(i know ..i know the first week is mostly fluids...i am drinking lots of water)   :D
...but don't burst my bubble .. just pray that i keep it up!
maybe i can flush all the allergies out ..LOL

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