Tuesday, January 18, 2011

time to share

as i mentioned in the last post ..
 it was vacation time for us.. now it is time to share

..."this is the best seat in the house to sit back and just view the photos"

i love this picture, even if my eyes are closed.. Sun was really bright and of course i was laughing.. but we were having fun!

michelle and scottie..i love this picture of them
michelle ..maybe i should have worn my sunglasses... :D

St. Thomas

another picture of St. Thomas

yes.. St. Thomas ..again BUT can you see the rainbow?
it was so beautiful .. like it was laying on the side of the mountain

St. Thomas.. can you tell this is one of my favorite places?

St. John

Trunk Bay on St. John

Puerto Rico

pizza at Purilos(little Italian restaurant in San Juan).
.. can i just say it was THE BEST pizza i have ever had!

Now take a close look at what scottie has in his hand...

 ...yeap.. you guessed it a "vera bradley" zip wallet..
don't he look sweet carrying it.. vera would be so proud.. LOL

San Juan

last but not least ... our little karlie giving dale kisses when we got home
she is so sweet!

we had a wonderful time.. but there is no place like home


Deidre said...

Wait just a minute ... is that a BIG PINK SCALA SUNHAT you are wearing? Like the one I wear and have been made fun of by you and Katie Beth?? Hmmm ... interesting. You know I know best.

Mandy said...

Rita, I was looking at your pictures and Addison was with me.. She looked at the one with Dale and said mom "who is that"? I told her it was Dale and she said "what does he have on"? I guess she is use to seeing him in a suit and tie...ha,ha Just thought it was funny..