Sunday, January 23, 2011


i am trying to do a daily routine of exercise

since i do better with the whole accountability issue i wanted to either "join" a program or "have a partner".

 a year or so ago i tried the running thing with my best friend deidre..
 i made until i ran... my first and last 5k..  ( i thought i was gonna DIE)
now, don't get me wrong i enjoyed running , but my shins NEVER did, not to mention the fact that  i just wasn't quiet ready for that type of undertaking.

so... as i searched this time on what to do... my sweet husband says.. instead of going somewhere to class why don't you do a program you can do at home.
so i checked out this

it is really cool.. you have your own personal trainer right in your den
[ mine is B*b.. he is so sweet and encouraging]

so B*b and i have been together everyday this week, drinking lots of water.. and watching foods that i eat.
i really have done good ..
well until yesterday

deidre brought this was for "Dale" .. but it is one of my favorite things!

Chocolate Chess Pie
thanks deidre... but don't bring another one!.. ( it is sooooooooo good ya'll)
and i just pray that i have drank enough water to "flush" it all out!.. :D

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Deidre said...

It technically wasn't just for Dale .. it was for all of you. I was just trying to make you feel better. Couldn't you have taken a better picture of my culinary masterpiece?

Also, about the 5K .... it must have done a # on you because you never walked/ran or did anything after that. What in the world?