Monday, December 19, 2011

the Dream..

i have been working on this post all week...
does anyone besides me have way to much to do this time of the year?

i wanted to share some DREAM photos with you
yep... we just returned from
cruisin' the DREAM ...
take a look...

this was the largest ship we have been able to enjoy, we usually cruise the Liberty; which we truly love but this one had quite a bit more room- we had TWO bathrooms in our cabin- NICE.

i don't really like sharing 'my' bathroom
[just ask any of my family]

this ship also had some awesome water slides-
i am terribly afraid of heights, but i love water slides so i really wanted to try it-
i did, and it was great!

We all went down the largest one, it was GREAT!
there was a slide equal in height- but at the bottom it spun you around like a drainpipe- it was awful!
but i was the only adult female that did it-
[ not sure what that says about me... brave or stupid- ha]
Then Deidre and I "raced" down the "Racer slide"- she won - but only because she cheated - both times! lol
our first stop was in Nassau, Bahamas-
Straw Market- Atlantis
i have no pictures, because i forgot to take my camera

but here we are that night at Karaoke ...
not sure; but i am thinkin' Dale is tired.
   whatcha think...

Emma waiting for her turn singing
then to St. Thomas [one of my favorite places]
over looking Megan's Bay
another beautiful shot overlooking Megan's Bay

we stopped to pet a small donkey on the way

St. Thomas

my 'sand man' that i made while at Megan's Bay

     then on to St. Maarteen    /   St.Martin
                 {French spelling/  Dutch spelling}
[one side of the island is French, the other is Dutch]
          we rented Jeeps and off we went,
              the first part of the day we spent laying on Dawn's beach...
                   the rest of the day we spent riding the Island
                                           this was my FAVORITE DAY... we had a blast!

Eric, Deidre, Emma, Olivia

Dawn's Beach

Dawn's Beach and Resort where we stayed

Olivia soakin' up the rays

Dawn's Beach

another pic of Dawn's Beach

overlook at St. Maarteen/ St. Martin

St. Maarteen/ St. Martin

watching the cows roam freely as we traveled the island

stopping to let the goats cross the road

can i just say, this was the "coolest" ever trip... you have to visit someday and ride the island
It is so beautiful.

ha!.. dancing at dinner

again .. dancing at dinner-
not sure why i am sticking my tongue out ,
but whoever it was for
was deserving of it - I'm sure!
all my "towel animals"
i loved saving them each night
[also had a monkey... but he didn't fit into the picture- he was hanging from the window]

fun, fun, fun!-

Michelle and I

One of the most exciting things about this vacation was spending time with some of my favorite people!

We love ,love ,love Scottie and Michelle so much, and we vacation together all the time- it just wouldn't be the same without them....

We also love , love, love   Eric, Deidre, and the girls, Deidre and I used to go to the beach  together years ago
-so it was so good to be able to vacation together again, we enjoyed being with them so much! 

The thing I missed most was not having Matthew, KatieBeth, and Jordyn  with us- they weren't able to fit this into their schedule, but hopefully that will not be the case on the next cruise.

*side note- as you can tell by viewing this post, i didn't get alot of pictures, either because i forgot it, or if we were traveling, [either on an open air bus] or [jeeping] .. i was soaking it all in and forgot all about a picture or hanging on - :D
so check out
-  Deidre's blog - she has the Best pictures there.


Anonymous said...

Soooo beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. One of my lifelong dreams is to take a cruise!! Maybe one day. . . : ) ~Lynn~

Piper said...

So glad you had a wonderful vacation. Love love all the pix! One day maybe we will get to sail the sea~~