Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Karlie!

          Today is this precious little things BIRTHDAY!
  she is TWO today!

I was able to pick her out when she was (1) week old,
  and then brought her home when she was (6) weeks old.

She has brought nothing but JOY to our home ever since.

...and although she loves Dale more than me
     I am alittle jealous- I still love her to pieces!

Here are a few pictures of her friends...
 Her Best Bud Josie...
   whom she  LOVES
Karlie and Josie
 her niece Ellie 
   whom she is  SUPER JEALOUS of
Karlie and Ellie
and her "work" friend Molly- who is about 4x the size of Karlie.
 yep... I said "work", I am blessed that she gets to go to work with me everyday.

   We love our Karlie girl!

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