Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas fun...

... well everyone has returned to their 'temporary' homes,
      and the house is quite and clean for now.
   time goes by fast- when you are having fun!
                  and fun is what we had.

the fun began last Friday night we went to Deidre and Eric's for dinner, and game time.
do you remember the ole sayin'..
its not if you win or loose-
 but how you play the game... went out the door!
  the girls WON! - i guess that's all that matters- right?

Christmas Eve...
we always celebrate with my family on this day.
we went to Yvonnes house, enjoyed homemade chicken and dumplings
and then X-b*x, Kin*ct.... great fun.

[warning- lots of pictures, just because it was so funny watching Matthew, Jordyn, and KatieBeth getting into this game]

Christmas Day...
we woke up just a little early
  read the Christmas story
then exchanged gifts before going to church, and then to celebrate at Nana's.
i had planned on taking lots of pictures,
but 'Santa' surprised me with a new camera -
 which means i immediately put the old one down and started trying learning the new one

trying out the "timer"

playing around with the panoramic view
Karlie- trying to look excited- ha

Karlie and Ellie


then what everyone does after all the Christmas
look for After Christmas Sales

KatieBeth and Jordyn ..looking for a "good deal"
next on the "to do" list is
go running.. right?
  gotta work off all of the mounds of FOOD taken in over the last couple of days
and need to try out
 these new running shoes
UGLY.. !!!
they are supposed to be like running barefooted
- not real sure about them- they have NO support

i do however LOVE my running partner this week...
lookin' rough- but feelin' proud

ohmygoodness- he is one more funny guy!
KatieBeth also runs- but i wasn't able to get our photo
 just take my word for it - she looks good even when she is dressed for a work out

can't wait until we can all be together again- SOON! 
there is nothing like being with the people you love the most!
we had a Wonderful Christmas
I sure hope you did!

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~Lynn~ said...

Rita~~I LOVE the picture of you & Dale together. . .that is a great shot! So happy you got to spend lots of time with Matt & Katie Beth. . .I know you miss them bunches!! Love ya!