Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Old things are passed away
                  and behold all things become new"

I finally replaced my handy dandy pressure cooker, and my large pot.
("when") I cook, I usually always use my pressure cooker, but it died
And I just didn't want to get another one ..
For several reasons...
1) just don't cook that much no need to have it - ha
2) didn't think I would find one as good as what I had

But Dale found me one...
And I love it..(now, don't mean that I will use it a lot)
And a new mixer
... I guess after 30 years.. It was time?

Remember the "pitiful " cake that I made the other day
Well here it is again...

Only thing is... Dale made this one.

Laundry man
Trash man
Fix it man
... And now a CHEF..
He does it all...
I get to take up space, breathe... oh. and iron.. Yay!

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1 comment:

Katie Beth said...

At least you can iron! Glad you finally broke down and got some new pots. Its really hard for your daughter to cook for you with no pots!