Wednesday, January 18, 2012

favorite things..proud moment

Since my last post, I have worked on getting this
neat little "photo widget" uploaded to my blog
it has literally took me FOUR WEEKS...
[i am just slow at this stuff]

anyway wanted to share with you some of my latest fav's

i have never really liked these before
 " Fire Balls"

but since i am trying to watch my food intake alittle closer,
these are great for alittle snack at work.
  weird how your taste buds change "over time"-
 [now don't that sound better than- "as you get older"]-  :D

this is the ONLY thing i asked for - for Christmas-
"Colgate Wisp"I LOVE THEM !
my stocking was FULL of them
- AND-
when we went back to work from Christmas
a sweet co- worker had bought me 10 more packs excuse for a not having a "just brushed" mouth.. right?
this is the best hand cream i have found for my skin.
i have such a hard time during the cold- windy months with my hands and fingers
this seems to be helping..
and, i love the "compact case"

moving on ....

last week i ran my first 2 miles- non-stop!
i was so proud of ME!
but listen to this...
ALWAYS when i come in from running-
or mine is more like jogging[ i am not a fast runner.}
i come in .. loudly saying..
WHEW, WHEW, Whew if i may die
but this particular night , KatieBeth was on the phone and heard me
and i was saying ' YES!' - I did IT!
I feel like "Rocky" when he reached the top of the steps.

and just as i said that ... KaiteBeth said..
"uhm, who's Rocky"?my proud moment .. died  :(
but Dale and Matthew both knew,and understood the
 "Rocky" moment, so then i felt proud all over again!

this was a "not so proud' moment...
                                                                isn't this pitiful?
i cooked Sunday lunch [a rarity] and this was gonna be dessert-
plus it is Michelle's favorite
.. now just so you know, i usually can do this pretty well
but i am not real sure what happen to this one.
going back to try it again


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