Tuesday, September 21, 2010

missions... Bible Study... Surprise

saturday... i went on a one day mission trip with a group here at our church to West Virginia.
we all knew that God was gonna do some great things that day because we had trouble ...lots of trouble .

get this...

the box truck we had loaded with supplies ran out of gas.

the trailer had a major tire blow out

... we made it to the next exit ramp, and all the guys pitched in and fixed it

...is'nt this the perfect place for the repair"?

... a few more miles down the road, and another major blow out.

then we get back on the road again... and about 20 min. from our destination and the truck starts leaking transmission fluid.

"Liz trying to get a signal on the cell phone, so we could call for help, or at least let someone know where we were... but we were so "out of no where", there was no signal available...uhm"

BUT GOD... got us there, we were all safe, we had a wonderful service ,visited the community, handed out God's Word, clothes and food, and best of all we had 8 folks give their lives to the Lord!

WOW!... what a great time we has serving the Lord!

monday night we started a new Bible study ... excited to see what each week holds...if the first night was a sign of the things to come then we are in for a treat.

then today ... a very very sweet surprise..

my best friend deidre brought this beautiful plate to me today..

...man this looks good on my kitchen counter. :)

(she gave a smaller one like this away last night at Bible study as a door prize.. so glad that I "whined" and 'cried
" about not winning"...LOL)...love ya Deidre

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Deidre said...

Only YOU would take a picture of the church bus in front of Priscilla's.

Love the plate. It looks good there. Why are you pictures so wonky?