Monday, September 13, 2010

"special day"

...well i haven't got very far on the book ..

way to much going on right now for that.

first of all let me say a very special Happy 40th to my best friend! who has been in NYC trying to hide from any "fun stuff" for her birthday...
... better watch because the 'fun stuff" can come ..even if it is belated..LOL

This past week has been alot of planning, looking, drawings of how things are to look, and exploring for the "best" prices for different items, for Kt and Jt's wedding...
and even though we have along way to go...i am so thankful that we have gotten so much accomplished.

one"big"thing that we did was going DRESS shopping
whew...lots and lots to choose from..
KtB decided that she wanted to go out of town to try to find her we set out early in the morning and shopped ..and shopped.. weathered thru some really RUDE people at a popular bridal very aggravated left for another town....
we were glad we did because ... THERE it was.we finally found THE DRESS ..THE headpiece.. THE veil..and even some bridesmaid dresses
(i have pictures but can't post them.. sorry Jt :) )
The "consultants" there was extra sweet.
...these are bittersweet, but very special times.

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Deidre said...

Thank you (I think).
Read the book. It's not that long and you'll be glad you did. I just had a thought ... you and I could never be in a book club together. That's sad.
Can't wait to see the dress. I know she will be beautiful!