Tuesday, September 14, 2010

' i love this place"

kinda ..
...okay ....i guess it is very unusual to say that about your workplace, but for me it is true!

it may have something to do with all those that i work with.

i have the pleasure of not just being with co-workers.. but family.

we are a very close bunch here, and even though we all have our "days" we all love each other and there are none better to work with.

we hold devotions every morning together before we start our day, and take the time to remember those that come in and out our doors, as well as prayer for each other.

even though we know that our Heavenly Father is our ultimate protector, we also have some very special help thru-out the week that come in and provide alittle xtra security for us.. we love them too!

thank you Lord for the blessing of "loving my workplace"

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