Thursday, December 16, 2010

and the verdict is....

ok.. a couple of weeks ago i posted about the trouble i have been having with my sinus.

let me first thank all of you for praying for me!

 i finally broke down and went to a ENT specialist.
after another anti-biotic..
(which almost sent me to the ER because of an allergic reaction .... scary)

... a CT Scan ( which showed that the entire sinus area was clear).
EXCEPT the nasal passages.. they were swollen, and have been; which has alot of the same symptoms as a sinus infection.

So... the sweet dr. said..
"ok.. now we know why no anti-biotic is working... seems like you have some severe allergies going on."

now we need to began some testing to see what you are allergic to.
that was done this week... which made me sick as soon as the test began.
and the verdict is...

i am allergic to:
dust mites
several trees
and.. dogs

YES.. i said dogs..
but not this one...there is no way she could make anyone sick.. just look at her
she is just to cute.. and sweet

i do have two more sets of test to determine the severity of everything, and try to find the right medication and or shots that i will need to take.

and... since i am allergic to dust
.. i guess i need to find a housekeeper to clean my house
...don't want to be sick ya' know   :D

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