Sunday, December 12, 2010

week of parties...

of course the Christmas season is a time that includes lots of parties...
we love getting together with our friends and having fun.

usually when we get together we eat.. and play games playing games
this party included    .....ummm...  "reindeer games"..
now there are several things that just threw up some RED flags for me..
#1... never played 'reindeer games' before
#2... suggested for 'couples'
#3... NO one would tell us anything about it the game
Soooooo... being the intelligent individual that i am...
i knew that my sweet husband and i would NOT be playing this game!

as you view the pictures below ... you can see the "SUCKERS" that were talked into playing the game...

Charlie and Deah
i think he was excited to play!
must be something about the pantyhose.. 

Michelle and Clint..
 NO! they are not a "couple"
but Scottie is also an intelligent individual and picked-up on the RED flags..
he knew NOT to play reindeer games either....   :D

Mandy and David...
i think he played .. just so he could go hunting the next morning
(so i  hope in wasn't all in vain ... hope he got to go)
 now this is how to play the game...
the male has to place a pair of ladies "pantyhose on their head"
(there is a LARGE hole cut in the "seat" of the hose in order to "fit" over the head, and the feet are cut out)
the couple then has balloons to blow-up, and put them inside the legs of the hose.
the couple that has "their antlers" built within the 4 min. time frame wins!

"antlers are coming together"

 we have antlers...

............. wait
is it just me ...
or is there a strong resemblance to
Go to fullsize imageLOL!

na.. we really did have a winner...

Look at those antlers...
... it is really good to see the him win
he "enjoyed" it more than the others   :D

oh my... it was Funny!

we then played a game of TabooGo to fullsize image
guys against girls..

and yes the guys did win...but anyone can win
.. when they cheat..right?

thank you Charlie and Deah.. we had a great time!

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Mandy said...

Love the pictures!!! And yes David did go hunting! But seen nothing.....