Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas/ snow/ family time!

ok.. time to post some of the fun happenings!

christmas eve...
christmas eve night is always at my side of the family so we went to my sisters...
had a great meal and then played ... Pictonaryman..

christmas day...
we always get up early the christmas story ...have gift time with each other and then to nana's for lunch.
...the best thing of the morning was dales surprise gift...

now before i go any further just let me tell you that i  forgot my camera each time we went somewhere..and i didnt get good pictures at home either..   Duh!

but i did get this one...i think it says it all!   he was one happy man!
Santa LOVES him :D
and of course the snow

we love the snow, and were excited to see a "white christmas"

she is always styling ...even in the snow
this was also a first for karlie ...

me..matthew...and jordyn..working hard
we didn't get our snowman built.(we were too tired after all this shoveling)
...but the driveway is clear
so then it was time to eat.. watch movies.. and play games  :D

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