Friday, May 20, 2011


i have been blessed this week to spend some special times with friends.
   the funny thing is .. it always seems to involve "eating"

    my friend Deidre and I enjoyed eating lunch outside

don't this sandwich look great!..
     well this picture isn't the REAL picture -
  the REAL picture is of her taking a bite of the BIG sandwich, but i was threatened with my life if i put that picture on here.. and because i love her dearly- i didn't 
[so in your own mind picture her taking a bite ...very BIG bite ]:D

    my friends.. Deah.. Brenda.. and Michelle enjoyed dinner together and then a movie; while our husbands were at a NRA event..

              this has been a special "fun" week

                                     i love you all!
                                            let's do it all again

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