Tuesday, February 22, 2011


" you are what you think...
sobering thought isn't it?

a pessimist  sees the difficulty in opportunity
an optimist sees opportunity in the difficultly

just think what it would be like if we all thought as optimist all the time!

i have a pastor who reminds us often that
"what is in our well will come up in our bucket".. right honey?

what we see... and what we hear, then how we react to it ...is connected to everything we are and do.

when we claim to be Christians .. we have to remember that we are a reflection of HIM, therefore, so must our attitudes.

everyday is a choice...

"this is the day that the Lord hath made.. I WILL Rejoice, and be glad id in it" Psalms 118:24
 attitude .. "the aroma of the heart"

oh.. biggest loser accountability check..
.. stayed the same.. no gain ..no loss
[which is really good if you would have seen the awesome food i've eaten]
... thank you Lord

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