Sunday, February 27, 2011

random thoughts

the Lord's day...
 teaching today on
 "What is a four-letter word you hate to Hear" (be careful)
my class never knows about me ..
i love hanging things up a bit, and the Lord gave me today's lesson  two weeks ago.. been excited to teach it since....
          love it when He gives me "cool" stuff!
         i will post the lesson later for all of you to have  :D


my sweet katiebeth and i headed for shopping and a nice lunch... it is our last "fun" day before the 'BIGday'
we enjoy shopping ...

we ate at one of her favorite restaurants...
                                      and left PLENTY of room for desert...
        i only hope she will still be able to "fit" into her wedding gown .. LOL
                      just kiddin'... one of these is mine, i was just sharing  :D
          (...hope i can still fit into mine,"tranier "bob" is gonna fuss at me this week...yikes)

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