Saturday, February 19, 2011

another special weekend

fun times...

this weekend was bachelor/bachelorette party 
katiebeth's matron of honor took all the girls in the wedding party to a nice place in the mountains for an overnight stay..  the girls watched movies and had a special time together..
just enjoying good fellowship!
..well and eating good food!

ktb's favorite "girly" movies
... then deidre, michelle, emma, and i drove up the next day to meet up with them 
...just a "girl-y day"... lunch and shopping 


                         lots of laughs as we "raced' up the mountain  :D

[left to right... emma, liz, the Bride to be, kaitlyn,whitney]

sweet, beautiful, "Godly" girls!

  we had such a fun relaxing day!
thank you liz for all your hard work in organizing this special day

the guys had a "man-ly day"
they went to the hunting club.. shot guns.. rode 4-wheelers...
then that night they meet up with more guys went out to eat and to the movies!

i am sure you can read more about this special day here {provding she has updated}:
katiebeth's blog.. check it out!

the wedding is in (2) weeks!
... i just pray that everything comes together like i have it planned
please pray that it does.. oh and one more prayer request.. pray that this special guy has a safe travel as he comes home from Nashville..
can't wait to see him..
i love you matt!

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