Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just a different week

it was that time of year when dale took our senior citizens to Gatlinburg for a few days.
while he was there we [well mostly scottie and michelle]  packed up alot of Ktb's "stuff" and placed in on  a big Pen*ke truck and sent it on its way to Ga.
although i am very excited for her, that truck backed in our drive was not a pretty sight.... (sigh)

anyway .. thank you scottie and michelle for all you do for our kids!

so that left me here all alone, well i had my little karlie, but all she did was "cry" she knew that something was different with 'sissy's' room and she paced back and forth and sat at her doorway and just cried.. and of course that made me cry.. it was sad :(

 i had to get myself together because i had so much that needed to get done...

 so i made good use of the time.
 i painted..redecorated.. cleaned.. and cleaned.. and cleaned..
(when i finish the redecorating, i will have some pictures to show you, i am pretty excited about it)

now it is time to clean again...
            whew.. never ending ...right girls!

another busy weekend coming up... God is so good!

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