Sunday, November 20, 2011

*day five

today i am so very thankful for my church

 ....all of our church family...[all are very very wonderful]
....for my Sunday School class [the ladies in my class are so fun, loving, sweet... just all around GREAT]

  ... for my 'Pastor's [yep .... just alittle particial to to one i live with ]
  but i am also very thankful for Pastor Paul-
he and his wonderful wife Kim have been a true God sent
   oh.. yeah.. a huge shout out to their daughter Liz'..
      and her husband Brandon- they are a God sent as well

... for Devin his wife Twyla, and all their children...Jess, Bo, Taylor - another God sent.

i love love love my church
i just can't say enough good about it!
 Praise the Lord for all He is doing at WGBC

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Elaine said...

Ditto to all of that! And we love your family too =)