Saturday, November 19, 2011

week of Thankfulness day two..three and four

*day two
today i am thankful for our "Thankful Thursdays" at the office..
as some of you know we hold morning devotions at the office before we start our day, and this marks our Second Year of "Thankful Thursday"..
this morning we wrote on ribbon "1" thing we are especially thank for this year, and we decorated our table with it, and then use it again next year and reflect.

very fitting.. because we also had our Thanksgiving Feast today..yummy

*day three...

having KatieBeth home and love that she also WORKS with me... i am sooooooooo blessed..
oh wait a min...maybe it is her that is "blessed".. ha

*day four...

and karlie......nap time
a clean house ..
[well behaved dogs while clean is also very important- so i am also thankful for that too- other wise my house wouldn't have gotten cleaned- whewwwwwww]
  giving my sweet karlie a bath, as well as my sweet granddog ellie.
and finishing another mile run... [third one this week... "happy dance"]

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