Saturday, July 30, 2011 fun

What a great time we had tonight while " the guys"
Were at an NRA event

Nothing beats a pedicure after a hard week of workin' out
... Aint that right girls?

Michelle and Deah

(Sorry I haven't figured out how to rotate my pictures on my IPad yet)???

Who is really enjoying ...all the pampering ...
I think the nail technician is enjoying too!

We then went to for a nice steak....
I took pictures , but they didn't turn out..
But I am sure you can check out ...
The wonderful world of "Faceb?@k" ...
I am sure one of them will have some "nice" pictures on there.

And some more fun...
I made these today


Black w/ Kelly green

Kelly green w/ yellow

Army greens/ red and yellow

Black w/ gray

Cool flower pins...
Aren't they cute!

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