Tuesday, July 12, 2011

love it

I love it!
I saw this one day last week...

...I didn't get it
So as usual I wished I had ....

I loved what it says, it was a great price ..and ..it was 25% off.

After a few days ..I sent Dale back to get it..

He comes home with the sad news that it was GONE!
            I knew it!!!!

When will I EVER  Learn?

You have to know it is clearly "Gods Will" when it is a
            "one - of - a kind" find


Well, we went back .. again..
And it was there!!!


So I ask my sweet husband ..
"are you sure you looked the other day when I sent you to get it?"
"Yes... I promise" he says
Is this a lying face to you?

isn't this a sweet  "i promise" face?
He says no..
So I believe him,

But it was truly God's will that i have it -
'cause there it was!
    and still on sale

I love it. :D

one more thing
I am Blogging using my IPad...Pictures and all!
Thanks for the info. Deidre

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Katie Beth said...

love the new picture!..and im glad that you finally got everything to work on your ipad!