Friday, July 8, 2011

nap time

ok... i have been instructed by my sweet, intelligent son
 that  i can not upload pictures to my blog from my Ipad...
so back to my netbook [which i still LOVE]!

now you can see my beautiful flowers that my wonderful husband sent me

and this cute picture
of "ellie" and "karlie" waiting for "squirrely" to make her daily visit.
this picture also is special because
 they are standing beside each other with no angry gestures..

then there is this one that was sweet...
"ellie" on one side and "karlie" on the other
taking a nap with dale
[they both love him... which creates a REAL problem]...whew sweet...
 looks like someone else is taking a nap
     sounds like a good idea... think i will do that myself

1 comment:

Katie Beth said...

i dont know if you know this but it ts not nice to lie...please remove this picture asap!