Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun week

Ok... I haven't posted In a while..
Because I have been trying very hard to get used to using this new IPad.

Things are a little different on this thing... I really love it..it's just that I am having a hard time getting pictures downloaded and such.


A week in review....

Dale and I celebrated our 30 year of "bliss"...ok maybe not "bliss"...
But it has been 30 years of Blessings.

God has been so been so good to us!
I love you Dale.. YOU ArE THE BEST!


KatieBeth and Jordyn ...home for July 4th
Cookouts...and... fireworks

Great times...
Just missing our Nashville guy.... Who celebrated there in Nashville!

I have many pictures to share- I just don't know how to post them using my Ipad ..
Anyone have any helpful hints?

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