Sunday, July 10, 2011

"instant human"

This morning was almost a disaster!
When I woke up..
Dale said..uhmm

I can't get the coffee pot to work!
IMMEDIATELY...I said " well you HAVE to do something...
I have to have coffee

You just have to know ..I need about 2-3 cups EVERY-morning
I'm telling you ... It's not just me that needs it...YOU would want me to have it tooooooooo...

I really don't think Jesus wants me to even talk to him without having at least my first cup...
....can you say ADDICTION?

So we had to borrow one from the church...( it's my only neighbor...)
Then of course we had to buy a new one this afternoon.

I am just now running a test on it...gotta make sure it is ready for the morning!
Mmmmmmm.. Can't wait :D

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